Silverminen is the first project in the French photographic collector and editor Thomas Sauvin film rescue program. Sauvin spent 2 years collecting a total of 500 thousand negatives. Through these photos, we can see the great changes of people's life from inside to outside. The film is a record of the history of the past 20 years, since 1985, the film began to rise in the country, by the year of 2005, the film has been replaced by digital.

Silverminen是法国摄影收藏家兼编辑Thomas Sauvin底片拯救计划中的第一个项目。Sauvin花了2年的时间,共收集了50万张底片。通过这些照片可以看到几十年间人们生活由内而外的发生的巨大的变化。这些无以计数的底片恰好纪录了中国过去20年的变革历史:1985年起,胶卷开始在全国范围兴起,到2005年,胶卷已经被数码所取代。
AD: Mei Shuzhi D: Mei Shuzhi